Propulsion controls and special systems

RexrothMarine technology from Rexroth Pneumatics outfits the widest variety of vessels with control components and simultaneously offers solutions for existing systems. Thanks to decades of experience, we can offer technically advanced, reliable products. Leading shipyards, outfitters, and suppliers all over the world rely on marine technology and systems from Rexroth Pneumatics to deliver safety and economic viability on the high seas.

On a successful voyage.

With experience, foresight and the right propulsion control.

Rexroth_As an experienced original equipment manufacturer we provide controls for engines, clutches, gears, jet propulsions and controllable pitch propellers, on which the shipbuilding industry as well as owners, ship-owning companies and shipyards rely.

The components

Control heads for signal setting, parameterizable control units and actuating components to implement the commands are only an extract of our product range.

The sensitive way of powerful controlling

The pneumatic control of ship propulsions has a long tradition.REXROTHBOSCHGROUP

Until today it is the appropriate application technology in particular for the control of large and medium engines. The components control heads and regulating valves, working logic valves, actuators, cylinders and electro-pneumatic converters can be individually configured in systems. They offer a robust, reliable, precise and sensitive control of ship propulsion systems of any type and size.

Whether sailing school ship, modern cargo ship, fast yacht or robust work boat – our diversified product range of systems and single components opens a broad spectrum of applications and offers uncompromising reliability.