Marex OS II

System suitable for all possibilities.

Marex OS II replaces the elaborate remote controls that are typically custom designed for each specific vessel. In the case of Marex OS II, the control hardware is implemented with a few modular components. Signals and data are transmitted via CAN bus. With the corresponding software and parameter adjustments it can be adapted perfectly to almost every kind of propulsion system. For our customers this means reduced planning and projecting costs.

Additionally, the intelligent Marex OS II software facilitates the commissioning and provides new methods of failure diagnosis, for example by remote data transmission. Thanks to this technology, we can offer remote controls that are suitable for every type of ship. For our customers this means free choice of propulsion configuration.

Marex OS II

  • is suitable for any kind of ship due to its high modularity,
  • can be adapted most flexibly to any type of propulsion system,
  • is highly safe due to CAN-bus-communication“,
  • Represents a cost-effective alternative e. g. for work or fishing boats, being suitable as well for CPP-propulsions.

Major components of the Marex OS II are:

  • Control heads in different sizes and designs, available with follow-up system as an option
  • Emergency control (available as option)
  • Hand-held control station for docking and launching manoeuvres
  • Operating modules to control and indicate special functions
  • Indication modules for speed, propeller pitch and direction
  • Ready-to-connect cables


  • Control head - Type 230
    Control head - Type 230
  • Control head - Type 240
    Control head - Type 240
  • Control head - Type 241
    Control head - Type 241
  • Hand - held type 250
    Hand - held type 250
  • Operating-Indication module - Type 231
    Operating-Indication module - Type 231
  • Operating-Indication module - Type 242
    Operating-Indication module - Type 242