Marex ECS

Marex ECS

Excellent design supports operation in all situations. The straightforward, timeless style of the Marex ECS goes well with any ship design. Unmistakable keypad icons ensure intuitive operation.

  • Exclusive chrome surfaces
  • Language-independent icons
  • Subtle backlight illumination
  • Dynamic, asymmetric levers

Easy to operate with a unique design and extensive options: the Marex ECS meets the highest production and quality standards and provides captains with maximum reliability, as proven by endurance testing with one million lever actuations. The Marex ECS controls single or twin gasoline and diesel engine applications from up to four control stations.
The system is designed for small pleasure and work boats and is compatible with all common engine types and reversing gears. The well-established CAN bus technology ensures reliable communication between the components. Sophisticated auto-diagnostics inform the operator of the current operating state.

Marex ECS

  • Timeless
  • Easy to integrate
  • With backlight illumination

User Experience

  • Wi-Fi web server
  • Auto-config
  • Language-independent icons


  • Proven BOSCH components
  • ABYC-compliant
  • Backup Hall sensor

Marex ECS
With the Marex ECS, AVENTICS is introducing one of the most innovative engine remote controls with integrated Wi-Fi to the market. Its sophisticated technology combines complex functionality with easy handling resulting in reduced installation and commissioning efforts and uncomplicated operation features. It can be adjusted wirelessly via Wi-Fi without additional software and hardware adapters, using the standard web browser on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

Marex ECS basic
Reliability made in Germany. Even the basic version of the Marex ECS sets benchmarks with its dependable function and meets the highest BOSCH production and quality standards. All components were developed in accordance with ABYC specifications and feature optimized safety in terms of electromagnetic radiation and environmental compatibility.

Marex ECS enhanced
The enhanced system features a separate backup Hall sensor which makes it even more reliable and safe. The control of the boat will be maintained, even if CAN communication is interrupted. In this version, each main propulsion is equipped with its own Marex ECS control – ensuring top-fail performance and system availability.

Marex ECSMarex ECS